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20 MVPs Share Their Thoughts on Office 365

SharePoint MVP Benjamin Niaulin ( asked some of his colleagues about their opinions and thoughts of Microsoft Office 365.

Our Office 365 expert Martina Grom was among them. Here´s the result:

20 MVPs Share Their Thoughts on Office 365


…a lot of well known experts in the IT industry!

Here´s Martina´s statement:


Martina Grom from atwork

Martina is head of consulting and project development. @magrom


Which feature(s) of Office 365 you think will have the biggest impact in 2015? And why?

Office 365 has so many features, that's really hard to decide. Let's name some of them which I think are important:

  • Office Graph and Delve: this will change the way we work - today we live in a world with tons of information and its hard to keep up. The Office Graph will allow us that relevant information will find us.
  • The second one to name is Clutter: Clutter will help us to keep our Inbox filled with relevant information.
  • One of the most important things are all things coming around Azure active directory: modern groups is one example - and all the security, multi-factor things another. AAD helps us integrate applications, define security around our Office 365 and so much more.
  • And I am really excited about the new portals and things that will come around Enterprise social and collaboration. Also Skype for Business will be a big improvement.

So, you see, I like a lot of features. ;-)

If you could change something in Office 365, what would it be?

I really hope we will have Skype for Business in the future as a PBX replacement and can use it to make phone calls.

If you had Satya Nadella's job, what would you do with Office 365?

Office 365 and Windows 10 will help us so that the tools themselves are in the background - because it does not matter anymore. We are the important factor - not the technology behind that. Office 365 will help us improve our work.


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