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Office 365 Summit Amsterdam

The Office 365 Summit took place in Amsterdam these days (from 12 to 13th February). Office 365 summit is a free event to get in touch with Microsoft experts about the SaaS Microsoft cloud services around Office.

“Office 365 Summit is traveling around the world and delivering technical and sales training direct from the source with Microsoft experts. These two day workshops provide deep technical and sales readiness on all our productivity workloads for IT Professional, Developers, Sales, Adoption and Education.”, see the details on


The Microsoft Office team provided five tracks with more than 60+ sessions to choose from.


In Amsterdam there were almost 1.300 participants, about 650 IT-Pros, 150 developers and also many attendees from education organizations, see the full keynote pictures.

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We met a lot of colleagues and friends here at the summit.

Our Office 365 expert Martina Grom (@magrom) had a session about “Yammer Enterprise Administration

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The session was about how to manage users & authentication (SSO & Active Directory Sync) as well as common Yammer administration & configuration settings, permissions in Yammer and the Office 365 ecosystem.

People interested in the Office 365 roadmap check out

More to come about Office 365 (news) at the next large Microsoft conferences Build and Ignite!