Cloud Hub - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cloud Hub?

Cloud Hub is a business application that provides data from your Microsoft tenant, the Message Center, and the Incident Center, and the Azure Status and Azure History Page. It enables users - without being an administrator - to keep track of upcoming changes, including new features, scheduled maintenance, and other important announcements from the Microsoft Message Center as a Microsoft Teams app.

2. Is Cloud Hub a free Microsoft Teams app?

The app is currently free of charge. Cloud Hub can be added to any Microsoft 365 tenant.

3. In which language is Cloud Hub provided?

The app is currently only available in English.

4. What are my benefits when using Cloud Hub?

With Cloud Hub, you can stay updated with each news, including planned changes, updates, upcoming and new features, and other important announcements. The unified user experience on the Microsoft Teams platform enables you to display all Microsoft messages in a table format. Cloud Hub shows the latest announcements at the top of the list. You can search, archive, bookmark, export, and share news with your colleagues.

5. Do I need consensus from my company’s IT-admin to use Cloud Hub?

Your company’s IT-administrator must provide consent from his account once before the app can display any tenant data. Independently from Cloud Hub, the admin must give permissions for all Teams Apps in the Admin Center. As an admin, log in with your admin account via, go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Teams apps > Manage apps > Upload Cloud Hub and approve permissions. As a result, the users are now allowed to use Cloud Hub. If you want to see Cloud Hub with demo data, you can try it here.

6. What is the Incident Center?

With Incident Center, all correlated alerts, and associated data from your tenant, which make up a story of an attack, are shown.

7. What is the Message Center?

With the Message Center, you keep track of upcoming changes, including new and changed features, planned maintenance, or other important announcements.

8. What is Azure Status?

With Azure Status, you can view the current status of all Azure services in all regions.

9. What is Azure Status History?

With Azure Status History, you can view past statuses of Azure services in all regions.

10. Is Cloud Hub available as a mobile application?

Yes, you can also use the Cloud Hub app on your mobile device to view the messages, which is a great way to stay current with push notifications.

11. Can I send news to a colleague?

You can share news with your colleagues via Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook to keep them informed. For this, select a specific message you would like to share > click on three dots (“further options”) > click on the share button > choose between Teams or Mail-sharing.

12. Do the Favoriting and Archiving options apply individually or Tenant-wide?

Favoriting and archiving options for announcements within Cloud Hub do not apply to individual users but to the entire tenant.

13. How does the filter function work?

The filter function contains a “Service” and a “Year” filter, with which you can better find your adequate results.

14. Is there a demo-version available?

Yes, get an insight look with the free Cloud Hub demo version here.

15. Does Cloud Hub exist as a regular website?

No, Cloud Hub is only available as a Microsoft Teams app.

16. Does Cloud Hub work on iOS and Android devices?

Yes, Cloud Hub works on iOS and Android devices. On Apple devices, the view may be slightly different from Android devices.

More information around Cloud Hub can be found here.

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