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What is a CSP partner?

atwork is a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Accepting atwork as your Microsoft Reseller allows us to purchase on your behalf and grants us the permissions to manage your Microsoft account as Global Admin and Helpdesk Admin. Establishing a relationship with us as Microsoft Reseller does not change or modify your existing subscriptions, nor does it change the terms of those subscriptions. This is required to use the atwork online shop to manage your Microsoft Online subscriptions as needed.


How to add atwork as your CSP partner?

To assign atwork as your Microsoft 365 partner please open the Microsoft 365 Admin Site with the partner-link below. Follow the provided steps to complete the CSP assignment. You must be an Microsoft 365 Global Administrator to complete the steps.


1. Open a browser and navigate to the Microsoft 365 Admin Site with this partner-link.

2. Sign-in with your Global Admin.

3. In the Admin Portal, check the agreement. Mark the Microsoft Customer Agreement checkbox. Then, click on the Accept & Authorize button as here.

 This process might take some seconds. You will see a message with the result then.


Thank you

Thank you for your investment in Microsoft and atwork.

To do the same in your Azure subscriptions, pls. see Azure Partner.

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