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What is an Azure Partner?

The Azure Partner is the partner who supports your organization to manage your Azure subscription(s). This assignment is associated with no cost and provides atwork visibility to the usage and activities of your Azure subscription(s) and the solutions running on that platform. As a registered Azure partner, atwork can develop and maintain solutions and support in fixing any issues in your environment.

Register atwork as Azure-Partner (in each subscription)

Please follow these steps to complete the Azure Partner assignment. You must be a subscription owner to complete the steps.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to

  2. Sign-in with your Azure account (a subscription owner role is required).

  3. In the Azure Portal, click on "All services". In the All services textbox, enter "subscription".
    The list shows matching services below. Click on "Subscriptions".

    Azure-Partner Step 1

  4. Select the subscription. Note that you must have an owner role for the corresponding subscription.

    Azure-Partner 2

  5. When the subscription blade opens, locate the "Partner information" menu (you can search for the item on top).
    Enter atwork's partner ID "575861" and click on "Validate ID". 
    When "Partner found: atwork gmbh" is shown, click on "Save partner".

    Azure Partner Step 3

  6. You're done with adding step. 

Register a user with a Partner Admin Link (PAL)

This action is required for every user that has access to a customer´s tenant to track the scope of Azure resources. First, the customer must give you access to their Azure resources as a guest user, as an internal user or as a service principal. The user must have write permissions to Azure resources (e.g. a contributor role to a resource). Then, the user can sign-in and associate his user account with the partner ID as described here.

Pls. follow the steps for every user per customer tenant.

  1. In, navigate to your Azure subscription. 
    Click on the portal settings icon at the top of the page.
    At the end of the panel, click on the "Link your partner ID to this Azure account" as shown here.


  2. In the Microsoft partner ID field, enter atwork's partner ID "575861".
    Then, click on the button "Link a partner ID". 


  3. atwork should show up as partner. Done! You can now close that panel. 


Thank you

Thank you for your investment in Microsoft and atwork.

To do the same in your Office 365 tenant, pls. see DPOR and CSP.


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